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            LEADERS SPEECH
            About NanLong
               Brief Introduction
               Leaders speech
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             LEADERS SPEECH

            Dear friends,

              Nanlong (Lianyungang) Chemicals Co., Ltd heartily thanks you for your concern and support!

              With the strong support of numerous colleagues from agricultural chemical industry, we take it as target to have scale bigger, product finer and enterprise stronger with brand prominence and integrity management. Having known demand and desirous points of farmer to agricultural chemical products, we strengthen the efficacy of agricultural products, fractionize market as well as make market research and careful planning on product feature, market orientation, product package and selling point demands, providing distributors all over the country with good products as ^ammunition ̄ and guaranteeing distributors to occupy commanding height in their own market to create a remarkable performance.

              After the baptism of wind and rain, it has created the brilliance of Nanlong (Lianyungang) Chemicals Co., Ltd through our hard work and struggling. Today, Nanlong (Lianyungang) Chemicals Co., Ltd not only has an employee team with high qualification, international leading scientific research level and powerful brand influence. Its agricultural chemical products with high quality, low price and high market share are also popular with numerous farmers, enabling peasants to get more benefits, providing guarantee for China¨s agriculture to develop steadily as well as making our company develop rapidly and continually and meanwhile scale and strength enhanced.

              Relying upon talent advantage, scientific research advantage and brand advantage, Nanlong (Lianyungang) Chemicals Co., Ltd is striding ahead for higher strategic objectives. Looking back to the past, we forge ahead with active posture and innovate endlessly in a few years; looking into the future, we are filled with passion and vigor. With wider and opener minds, we are meeting new glory and challenge! Nanlong (Lianyungang) Chemicals Co., Ltd is your permanent and most faithful cooperative partner!

              We insist: the demand of the farmer is our ever-lasting choice and customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. In booming agricultural chemical market, Nanlong (Lianyungang) Chemicals Co., Ltd is creating more brilliant future of agricultural chemical market hand in hand with people in agricultural chemical industry!

              Jiangyin NanLong Chemicals Co.,Ltd. TEL:15861606228 13906163369 FAX:+86-510-86515558
              ADD:Duigougang Town, Guannan Country, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province(Chemical Industrial Park)
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